Friday, January 10, 2014

Closing out 2013

After a lovely holiday, with laziness as the activity of choice, I am energized and ready to jump into a new year.  I thought I'd start out by catching up on all the little things that weren't big enough for their own posts.

Most romantic spot in Key West? The buoy. We stopped to take photos with visiting family. When the guy in front of us asked Mark to take a picture, I had a feeling it was more than just a photo op. I managed to dig out my phone but didn't have time to set it to video. She said yes.

Need personal introspection while you watch the big orange ball plunge into the sea? Head south down Duval Street. There are plenty of bike racks, if you're riding, and parking on the south end is much easier than you'd think. You'll find a blue pay station in the middle of each block. They take debit/credit cards or cash, though no change is given.

Watch the sunset from the pier at Southernmost Beach cafe, then grab a late dinner or specialty drink in the bar. You can even wiggle your toes on the small sandy beach. (that's Mark relaxing near the middle of the pic)

Down here, a tree isn't always a tree. For Christmas, a nautical theme lent a hand with lobster traps.

Key Lime Pie is an island staple. Just like sunset cruises and rum punch at Sloppy Joe's. And just as a rum punch should have equal balance of rums and juices, Key Lime Pie should be equally tart and sweet. A first bite should lead to a cleaned plate. Best on the island? There's two. For creamy, light and smooth, Caroline's Cafe.  For rich and custardy, the Half Shell Raw Bar.

Last bit - if you come down to visit please remember, this ain't Disneyland. The locals live and work here. Look both ways before you cross the street and be mindful of the red lights. If you rent a bike or scooter, watch for traffic. I can't count how many times someone on a scooter merged in front of my 300 horsepower Mustang without so much as a glance over their shoulder.  Lucky for them, the average speed limit on the island is 30.  Be careful, be aware, have a great 2014.

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