Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fantasy Fest 2012

Me with two new friends one night of the festival
You ever get the urge to run wild through the streets in naked debauchery?  It's probably not a good idea where you live, but if you come down to Key West, you can. Sort of. Every October for 10 days, Fantasy Fest takes over the streets, letting thousands of people live out their wildest fantasies while raising money for aids related charities. From Fetish parties to a headdress ball to lavish costume parades and extreme body painting, Fantasy Fest is one wild ride. 

Thanks to a nasty cold that knocked me out for the first seven days of the festival, that photo of me, on the right, is about as wild as I got. 

In the end, my daughter's godfather, Lee, came down for the last few days and we hit the streets to take pictures.  

If you're over 18, check out some of my photos of painted festival goers. Be aware - there's a wonderful amount of nudity and not everyone is 25 and in shape. The majority of people were saw were well over 40. At one point, my husband heard a guy exclaim, "cool, I finally see a naked girl my age."  Feel free to link to our site. Please don't copy the photos from the page.  Thanks

The festival closes with a parade. Some of the floats are creative and clever. Some made no sense at all.  Everybody has a really good time as you can see in these photos

Fantasy Fest 2013 is scheduled for October 18th - 27th. If you plan on coming down, make hotel reservations and buy your event tickets as early as you can. This is a very popular festival and sells out quickly. If you show up, spur of the moment, you won't find a place to stay the night and you might have to drive a few hours back up the keys looking for a hotel. Keep an eye on the official site for event details. If you decide to join in the body painting, keep an eye out for the posted signs regarding the festival zones. If you stray outside the designated areas, you'll quickly find yourself in police custody and it's expensive enough down here without having to worry about bail money. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fantasy Fest 2012 - Extreme Body painting. NUDITY

Fantasy Fest 2013 starts soon. Keep up with all the weirdness with my daily posts, starting here

This is part two of the Fantasy Fest 2012 Post.  This page contains nudity. Don't continue if you're at work or have small children around. I'll start with a few pictures that are more PG friendly and we'll work our way south.

and one last PG friendly pic before the nudity... 

she seems to be having her breasts measured. I have no idea why. 

That's a stuffed groundhog that they're carrying around. I'm not sure why. Does it even matter? 

these girls were so funny, I really wanted to party with them. 

My hubby Mark with the girl selling the body stickers.

Just in case anyone was planning to. 

this was my favorite. 

Fantasy Fest 2012 - the Closing Parade

This is part 3 of the Fantasy Fest 2012 Post. Most of the photos are PG friendly but I'd recommend you view them without children around.

Mark and I were at the end of the parade route, so the crowds are pretty thin. If you go, and want to be in the thick of things, find a spot down near Sloppy Joe's about an hour before things start.

Our favorite float. 

the book had a flask and shot glasses inside. 

Her aim was spot on. The beads hit me in the teeth. 

They did this whole ritual thing. I was so busy watching I forgot to take pictures. 

She's a jellyfish! There was another red one a few feet behind her. 

Me, our friend Deanna and Mark. We ended up with a zillion of those necklaces. 

And she brought up the rear. I didn't get a photo of her front.