Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fantasy Fest 2012 - the Closing Parade

This is part 3 of the Fantasy Fest 2012 Post. Most of the photos are PG friendly but I'd recommend you view them without children around.

Mark and I were at the end of the parade route, so the crowds are pretty thin. If you go, and want to be in the thick of things, find a spot down near Sloppy Joe's about an hour before things start.

Our favorite float. 

the book had a flask and shot glasses inside. 

Her aim was spot on. The beads hit me in the teeth. 

They did this whole ritual thing. I was so busy watching I forgot to take pictures. 

She's a jellyfish! There was another red one a few feet behind her. 

Me, our friend Deanna and Mark. We ended up with a zillion of those necklaces. 

And she brought up the rear. I didn't get a photo of her front. 

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