Friday, May 10, 2013

Caroline's Cafe

Ok, it's me again, Mark.  Melissa just isn't keeping up her blogger duties so I'm picking up the slack.

Soon after moving to a new home, you take a vow to explore all of the locale bars and restaraunts.   Hooey. That's a lot easier said then done. Inevitably, you find a spot you really like and exploration quickly takes a back seat. Everyone quickly latches onto favorite places for lunch, dinner, dancing or drinking. Unfortunately, that can also keep you out of some spots you'll like even better.

It took us almost a year before we ate at Carolines Cafe but now it's a regular haunt.

It's has outdoor seating, a great location right on Duval St and the food is absolutely great. You'll find it almost directly opposite the Hard Rock Cafe.  It has an elevated location with several tables that are prime locations for viewing the street.  Now that it's sun dress season, that's meaningful.

Caroline's has a Caribbean flavored menu with some amazing dinner options.  We absolutely love the the Caribbean Skirt Steak, but...we tend to favor the lunch menu.

Melissa has dreams about the Shrimp Club...

...but I'm a fan of their Cuban Sandwich.  They marinate the pulled pork for 24 hours and it's delectable.

The biggest drawback to their sandwiches is the size.  They're gloriously big. They're Bubba big. Most times, Melissa and I just split one. Even the salads are huge.  I overheard a couple ladies, today, happily moaning that their salads were too big to finish, but "yes" they would like boxes.  "Oh Miss, could we also have an extra box for the fries?" 

Despite the portion size, the price is excellent. The Cuban is just $8.99 and the Shrimp Club is $9.99. Those ladies' monster Caesars were $7.99. 

If we are there, you'll normally find us at our favorite table, tucked into the corner. 


  1. SHRIMP CLUB!!!!!!!! I'd sell my mother for 1 bite....that sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!

  2. You guys are making me crave a Key West vacation (I knew I should have played the lottery over the weekend!)