Sunday, May 12, 2013

Key West Critters

Yep, Mark here again.  You already knew that, though, didn't you?

One of my favorite benefits of walking or biking is being able to watch the wildlife around you. I'll probably always think it's cool to see a Bald Eagle, a big Osprey or a Manatee.  Sometimes, you also get to see some more exotic animals, as well.  Here is a sample from the past few months.

A live Queen Conch.  It was in a fairly muddy area so we can't really see it's best  colors.            

   A Green Sea Turtle

An Octopus (notice him looking at me?)

     ...and of course, a Shark.  Nurse Sharks have an interesting chocolate coloring.

and a young Iguana.  They've got gorgeous color that first couple years
These are only cell phone pics so the quality isn't the greatest but I think they are worth sharing. Now I need some shots of the Ospreys, Rays and other critters....

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