Saturday, June 8, 2013

Restaurants - Blue Heaven

One of the most popular breakfast options in Key West, you'll find Blue Heaven tucked in Bahama Village, at the corner of Petronia and Thomas, just a short walk from Duval Street. The main seating area is outside under the Spanish Lime trees. Free range, err, roaming chickens and roosters wander through the tables most days, looking for handouts. (just not this day)

The food is excellent but a bit on the expensive side. Mark and I headed here spur of the moment a few days ago in desperate need of breakfast. By the time we got our food, we were so hungry we forgot to take pictures, sorry. You'll have to believe me when I say it was as beautiful as it was tasty. I gorged myself on the airy blueberry pancakes and was squirted in the eye by more than one gigantic blueberry my forked pierced.  Mark had a fluffy ham and cheese omelette and could barely finish it. Their specialties are a variety of Eggs Benedict dishes including a Lobster Benedict, ordered by a guy at the table next to us. I really wanted to ask for a bite.

If you're used to a breakfast that includes the staples - bacon, toast, fruit, you're out of luck. Everything here, is á la cart, so costs add up quickly.  Mark and I stuck with the basics, his omelette, my 2 pancakes, a coke and an ice tea and the bill, with tip, was 27.84. If you're not on a tight budget, I'd say go. Otherwise, you'll get just as good a meal, for a bit less, at Two Friends Patio, and they don't hit you with the á la cart thing. 
If you have to wait on a table, as we did, you can pass the time at the ping pong table. 

This is Jesk, one of the resident cats. On the Blue Heaven website, they were offering her up for adoption in 2007. I guess it didn't take. 

Mark and I killed time at the bar, while we waited for a table. 

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  1. You two are the best. There's lots of theses types of KW blogs...and most are lame....but you both rock....this is the go to for KW info. And you bring us along with you. There's nothing smug or insider-ery about your blog. I love it. This is a must stop for new-bies, as well as locals...The Chamber Of Commerce should be so talented as the two of you.