Monday, June 17, 2013

"Here a cluck, there a cluck everywhere a cluck, cluck"

Mark here. It's time for a chicken post. I had to do it.  It was a gimme.

A quick explanation for those who haven't been here yet,  Key West is loaded with feral chickens. They populate every silly part of this island.  Even after I've told you, you'll still be amazed and amused by them. They're descended from released fighting cocks and escaped domestic birds and now roam freely.

They're beautiful critters and they certainly add charm and color to the town.  No doubt about it.  I am certain tourists take more pictures of chickens than Hemingway's House. On the whole, they are pretty cooperative models and their vibrant colors seem to naturally complement the tropical flowers.

They definitely seem to enjoy the lifestyle.  On any given day, you can find chickens hanging out at the beach...

...or just lounging in the sun.

That's not to say they are all freeloaders.  This fellow seems very good at waiting tables.  That said, I suspect he would have stolen your order when it arrived. Not a good way to keep your job.

Others seem satisfied with simpler jobs like cleaning "floors" at outdoor restaurants.  I guess it's important to find the job that suits you best. It's honest work, after all.

Now for the downside, those devils don't just crow at dawn. I've heard them bellowing at 3am like drunken college kids.  The locals often find them pretty annoying.

I suppose when it comes to Key West's chickens,  the best approach is to just take them for who they are, a charming addition to the landscape.  If Key West stands for anything, it's "live and let live." Then drink a Rum Punch.

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