Saturday, June 29, 2013

Little Room Jazz Bar

When sensory overload hits, and you need to decompress, head south to 821 Duval and the smoothest spot on the island -  The Little Room Jazz Bar. A recent discovery for me, and a spot I can't wait to get back to. 

Step inside and take a moment to let your eyes adjust to the dim light. Saxophones, Violins and Mandolins adorn the rich maroon walls. Candles light the dark wood high top tables and a flat screen running footage of sharks and other fishes creates a relaxing backdrop behind a portion of the bar. 

Though performers aren't on an elevated stage, the main seating area offers plenty of room for jazz lovers and two side rooms feature stuffed chairs and a couch for a more comfortable listening experience. 

Live jazz starts at 8pm nightly and the club offers two daily happy hours. 2-8pm and 12:30am to 2:30am. Don't ask for a well drink though. The Little Room's offerings are limited to craft beers and wine. For my party, that worked just fine. My son grabbed a glass of white wine and my friend James and I downed a couple of beers. (James and I are pictured below)

You can check their website, for a list of daily performers, though I'm not sure it's current. We were there this past Tuesday and what we heard didn't sound anything like the Haitian infused Jazz I was expecting. Whomever it was, entertained the crowd with a couple of sets that mellowed us enough to continue our crawl up Duval.

Update:  I should have actually read the white board I wandered past at the front door - a duo called, The French Connection was the featured act that night. 

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  1. Great Post...we had so much fun that night:)however, after that pix, I'm never leaving the house without my of course look fab.