Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 Friends Patio

A surprisingly crowd free shot

I forgot that spring break was in full swing when I told Lisa to meet me at 2 Friends Patio for lunch. The restaurant is in Old Town, just a couple of blocks off the northern end of Duval. When breakers hit town, Mark and I avoid the beaches and everything on the Northern end of the island, especially around Sloppy Joes. It's just too tough to wade through the crowds. With him out of town, I completely forgot.

I met Lisa out front at 11:30, and was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a waiting list. A guitar player was singing in the main indoor area so we chose a spot on the spacious patio. Because of my hearing aids, it's darn near impossible to hear conversation when a musician is performing nearby.

Lisa was in the mood for greens and ordered a Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast. ($12.95) I wanted a cup of their Lobster Bisque. Mark and I had stopped in for happy hour when we first moved to the island and I had very fond memories of the bisque.  As an entree, it comes with a Caribbean Crab Cake and Small Salad. ($13.95)

While the bisque was good, it wasn't as good as I'd remembered. Either the chef has changed or whatever I was drinking on my happy hour visit, had magical properties. For a seafood soup, you're better off getting the corn and crab chowder at Margaritaville.

I took too long to get to the crab cake. It was almost cold by the time I dug in my fork and I kept having to pull crab shells out of my mouth. The taste wasn't bad, but the shells were too distracting to really enjoy it.

Lisa said her salad was good and although I meant to ask for a bite of the chicken, I completely forgot. The greens on both our salads were very fresh and I appreciated the thick cucumber slices on mine.

2 Friends Patio has chocolate ganache cake and key lime pie on their menu but neither of us felt like dessert.

2 Friends Patio offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've stopped in for breakfast in the past, but thought it was a bit over priced and I had trouble getting jam and a refill on my tea. I prefer Pepe's or Schooner Wharf. I've never been for dinner.

I did notice on the website that 2 Friends Patio has Karaoke. They don't list times but they do have an active webcam, so you could check to see if things were hoppin'. Photos of drunk happy singers looked like they were night shots. If you're interested, you can call for more info. 305-296-3124

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