Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Hour Series - Schooner Wharf

Anyone who's ever perched on a bar stool between 4 and 6:30 pm knows it's not just the drink that makes the hour happy. The bartender, the band, the view, and the company absolutely make or break a spot.

In the interest of science, and because we have nothing better to do with our afternoons, we've decided to hit every bar in Key West looking for that sweet mix that makes the perfect happy hour.

Okay, we've just discovered that over 360 places in Key West have liquor licenses so we're narrowing down our parameters to bars we find while wandering around the island.

Schooner Wharf kicks off the series with the earliest happy hour on the island - 7 am to Noon.  You read that right. 7 am.

Since they also serve a great breakfast, Mango Mimosas's are the perfect complement to any item on the menu.

Trust me, there's no better breakfast than one you wash down with a Mango Mimosa.

The music starts at 12 on most days and 6 days a week you'll hear Michael McCloud kick it off. While his dog, Cindy, hangs by his side, Michael will treat you to some outstanding folk tunes. His original music is currently played on five XM/Sirius channels. Be sure to listen for his song about an ex-waitress that he didn't like. It's hysterical. Also, be sure to give Cindy a scritch. She's a sweetie. In the evening, you may hear the Doerfels, a unique and talented family group that is great fun. Look for their guitars made out of old hockey sticks.

Look for us most weekdays around 9am.

 You can check out the place on their webcam

When you leave, be sure to head out along the waterfront. You are sure to see some huge Tarpon lolling around just below the surface or you might even be treated to a Manatee. Manatees are cool.

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