Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cool motorcycles

I was headed to my car, and an expiring parking pass, when I had to stop to get a shot of this very cool bike. I couldn't see my screen, thanks to the afternoon sun and I'm damn surprised that I got most of the bike in the shot.

A few months later, we found this custom job on Duval Street. The owner should get a break on his insurance.  He sure kicked up his visibility on the street.


  1. What a cool bike! It definitely beats Ghost Rider’s motorbike in the coolness area! ;p I wonder who the driver’s date is that day. LOL! And another thing I’m curious about is how does he maneuver this bike on the road. It’s almost as wide as a car!

    Hannah Parkin

  2. I hung around, for a bit, hoping he'd take off so I could get some footage of the bike in action. Sadly, he was busy chatting and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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