Monday, November 4, 2013

Fantasy Fest Masquerade March 2013 - partial nudity

I was really looking forward to Fantasy Fest this year. I had a list of must do event, including the Zombie bike ride, which coincides with the festival. And then I got knocked down with a case of vertigo that lasted most of October. Finally, on the 25th, I'd had enough. I loaded up on Dramamine, pulled on my sneakers and headed out for the second to last event, the Masquerade March.

This event is as favorite and I can see why. Revelers meet up at the cemetery and party their way to a point on Duval Street. Two routes are offered, to avoid congestion, and along the way, guest houses offer out jello shots, drinks and beads.

The festival theme this year was Super Heroes, Villains and Beyond, and the home made costumes in the crowd didn't disappoint. Masks, capes and political statement were everywhere.

I wish I'd had the energy for the closing party the next night, but after walking two miles and standing for several hours, I was exhausted.

The costumes for this event were definitely tamer than anything you'd see during the closing parade or in the streets after the evening's parties let out.  Not all was family friendly. A few women are topless, with pasties or body paint, so be warned, in case that might not be appropriate for your workplace.

Cruella and her Dalmatians. They stopped now and then and danced to who let the dogs out. 

Is it me, or does her dog look pink? 

Diane Nyad, made a recent historical swim from Cuba to Key West. 

I have a lot of shots with people shuffling along tapping away on their phones. A few could have used spotters. 

There were a lot of ladies dressed up like the girl on the right. I'm not sure who that is. I need to get out more I suppose. 

This guy's costume got a lot of cheers. Here's a shot of the screen

I wanna know where Mr. Greenjeans is. 

More pirates. 

This wasn't the only creepy puppet baby. I'm guessing it's from a movie that I missed. 

Look at those heels! How do you walk in those things? 

My favorite group shot. 

These guys wore the same thing last year!

She looks so familiar. I bet I have a picture of her, somewhere in my files, from last years end parade. 

This guy was my favorite. 

Key West just voted on whether or not to fund a study to look into dredging the channel to allow larger cruise ships into port. It was resoundingly defeated. 

Construction started on the main road that surrounds the island about a year and a half ago forcing long stretches to one way only.  It's a bone of contention for the locals and feels like it will never end. Two way traffic finally opened back up on Oct 12th. Until then you had to drive all the way around the island to get back to a missed turn. I know, it's an island, but still. It was a pain in the ass to go anywhere in a car. 

Several groups in the parade had kegs or blenders and would stop to share with the crowds watching.

I think this is an homage to the Sharknado movie. The girls were all running around attacking bystanders. (The gloves on her arms are teeth)

Fingers crossed that I'm healthy for Fantasy Fest 2014!

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