Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ducks Sent Packin'

For the last couple of months, Key West was invaded by ducks. Not the quacking kind but the vehicular kind. Two companies set up Duck boat tours and we locals were not pleased. One company's boats were wide, long and tall. They had trouble maneuvering corners and if you were stuck behind one in traffic, forget about being able to see those silly little things called traffic lights. (the other companie's boats are actually a third the size and would probably be okay but they make us think of the first one so it still pisses us off) Protests to town officials fell on deaf ears. I guess fees to the town outweighed citizens concerns about safety. Enter the Navy.

A couple of weeks ago they decided to enforce their ownership of the Inner Mole and blocked access to civilian launches. Thank God for the Navy. This past weekend, the Duck Tours ran for the last time and the city streets were returned to mopeds, bicycles and drunk tourists. Now, if we could just get the DOT to finish the road construction. But that's a bitch for another day.

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